Using Your Existing Photos

Using Your Existing Photos

If your companion is no longer with you, we can work with the photographs you have. The following guidelines will help you through the process.

Older Printed  and Digital Photos

  1. Collect all of the photos you own of your companion.
  2. Take a look at the examples and suggestions in our Photographing Your Animal” section. This tutorial will help you to choose the best image for an Elgin Portrait or Memorial.
  3. Scan your images to your computer or a thumb drive. If you do not own a scanner, any office supply store can scan your photos to digital format and email them to you.
  4. Make sure that your digital images are scanned or saved in this format: RGB color, 300 dpi (minimum).
  5. Upload your photographs with your “Request for Quote”.

Photos taken with older technology may not have the level of fine detail we have become accustomed to today. Thus, your final Portrait may not be rendered at our largest sizes (18″ x 24″ maximum). However, we are very skilled at enhancing the information from your source material. We will work with you to achieve the finest portrait that is possible.

If your photos are black and white, or have any damage, we can still use them to create a Porcelain Portrait or a Steel Memorial. We can perfect them in two-tone or we can colorize them in a vintage style.