The Story Board

The Story Board

What is a Story Board?

As you look through the Elgin Portfolio, you will get a sense of the classical look of our portraits and memorials. There are many elements that go into the image portion: color, scale, lighting, background atmosphere and realistic accessories.  All of the elements work together seamlessly. This is because we carefully select and render these elements to harmonize with one another.

When you complete your Request for Quote, you have the opportunity to select many custom features.

The Story Board offers a sampler of your chosen elements, and allows you to see what they might look like before we craft the final product. Below is an example of a Story Board next to the final image.


Reviewing Your Story Board

As you can see, this Story Board includes the background, tabletop and trim detail that work best with your animal’s coloring and pose. It may also include a maximum print size, as the scaling depends on the quality of your original photos.

However, there are many elements that you can choose to alter, add or remove. These may include:

  • Color choices for the custom bow
  • Sample of an alternative collar or pendant
  • Accessories (birds, butterflies, flower arrangements, toys and other props)
  • A custom name banner
  • A choice of print size (up to the maximum limit)
  • For Steel Memorials, a colored illustration of the chosen design and finish is included.

When you receive your Story Board, you can respond with an email, detailing any variations to these elements. If you already love what you see, just send us your approval notice! We’ll get started on your portrait.