Our Process

Our Process

In the Studio

We carefully evaluate your photos for the best source image.

Using a combination of traditional and modern illustration techniques, we create a fine art portrait that tells the unique story of your animal.

Your Portrait is printed on heavy weight, museum quality photo paper using archival inks.

The product: A fine art, heirloom quality tribute to your companion that will be cherished for generations.

In the Fabrication Shop

Our porcelain portrait plaques are manufactured in Italy, where there is a long tradition of fine memorial and cemetery portraiture. These porcelains are far superior to tile in clarity, durability and style. Our Porcelain Portraits are available in three shapes: oval, rectangle and dome. 

Your custom portrait is transferred to the porcelain using special ceramic glaze inks, fused with a UV resistant topcoat glaze. The portrait plaque is kiln fired between 1200-1300 degrees, ensuring a sun and weather resistant image. 

Your Portrait Plaque can be displayed on a stand, placed in a frame, and mounted indoors or out on any bondable surface.

The result: A beautiful tribute to you animal companion that will last for generations to come.