About The Artist

Sarah K. Bean

I have been an animal lover since childhood. There is nothing better than holding the purring body of a trusting cat, or being honored with the faithful friendship of a dog. Wild animals have always given me a respectful awe and a communion with nature. The animals that share my life are family. I am sure many of you feel the same.

As a painter and art maker, I have worked with animal imagery for many years. After the death of some of my own companions, I looked for a way to honor and remember them. I was drawn to some of the grand animal portraiture of past centuries that I had studied in art history and seen in the great museums.

What impressed me about the animals in these masterpieces was their exquisite beauty, realism, elegance, dignity and soulfulness. They were majestic portraits in which the artist had made them eternal.

I am also drawn to the great traditions of the decorative Arts and Crafts movement. I believe in making “objects with a soul”.

When I create an animal portrait or memorial for you, I am inspired by these old masters and craftspeople. I work to create a masterpiece that honors the bond that you and your companion share.

Sarah K. Bean

BA in Fine Arts – Indiana University Southeast – 1991

MFA – The University of Arizona – 1996

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Cats in Residence

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